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Friday, February 8, 2008

Random things to chuckle at

So Scott asked me this morning if we could take "this" in the car with us. When I looked up to see what "this" was, I saw the Fiddler on the Roof CD. I said no, he asked why, and I said that I didn't feel like listening to it in the car (really, there's only so much Fiddler I can take, and my husband listens to it every weekend). His solution? Go to the DVD player, put it in, and force us all to listen to it while we are getting ready to walk out the door...If I were a rich man...I would give him his own stereo system so I could enjoy the quiet, :-).

Sari has decided to take every baby doll she owns to the park an empty girl scout cookie box, LOL.

I just tried to download the pictures I took yesterday, and I literally don't have enough memory on my computer to do that. So I called my husband (the computer genius) to share the news, and he said he would bring my "new" computer home this week-end and try to get it set up (by new, I mean new to's already had more than a few other owners). It's a laptop, like this one, but like this one, it has no battery, so it's really just a thin stationary computer. And it's stationary in a room far away from everyone else...which is great, but I had to leave the kids to their own devices or leave my husband by himself at night if I want to blog, or check e-mails, etc. SO I asked if we could get a new battery for the "new" computer, and he said yes, but they are a little pricey...then he says, "Maybe that's what I'll get you for Valentine's Day." Yep, nothing says LOVE like a battery :-).

Off to the park to distribute...anyone? Yes, that's right...more Girl Scout cookies!

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Leisa said...

Yep, nothing says LOVE like a battery :-).

Good thing no one has a dirty mind......

Randi said...

Why does he listen to fiddler on the roof every weekend?

Christine said...

Girl scout cookies rock! You sound like you have an awesome family!

Julie said...

Well you learn something new everyday...I didn't know about your family's interest in Fiddler on the Roof!

Steph said...

Fiddler is one of our all time FAVES. :( WE LOVE IT! It is bar none the one of the best musicals of all time. AND much to your chargrin, if we have one more daughter we will complete the main cast! Hurrah!
Except, that makes ME Golda...yuck/ Lol
I want to be the butcher's dead wife Ruma Sarah! :)