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Friday, February 1, 2008

Girl Scout Cookie Terror

So tomorrow the cookies come in. I'm a little concerned. The girl who is picking them up informed me that the cookies my daughter sold might not FIT IN MY VAN!
Apparently 300 boxes of cookies take up a wee bit of room.
Okay, so I can take two trips to Outer Mongolia and back if I have to, but the bigger, much more terrifying question is "WHERE are they going to go once I get them home?" I can tell you I will be in a rush to distribute them since I think I will be sleeping on the floor until the cookies are gone.
I'll post pictures tomorrow of the cookie madness. For now, if you ordered cookies, just know I may be knocking on your door REALLY SOON, LOL.


P.S. Is anyone else having problems with the spell check not working? When I click on it, nothing happens. That's scary for a dyslexic person like myself :-).
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Lisa said...

WAAAHOOOO!!! Cookies are comin!!!

Christine said...

My spell check is not working.

How do you not eat all the cookies? It would be too tempting for me to have all of those boxes around. :)