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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Our day...

So we went to church, which was great as always. I love that God's word really is living and active, and even though I studied this book extensively in the past year, I still glean soooo much more every time Pastor D teaches.
Then we went home with Kiwi's daughter in tow, and added neighbor R to the mix. We maxed out our new table, and I loved it! The girls went out to distribute some Cookies, but it is not a simple thing, since you must carry change and all the cookies with you, and so they basically did one house at a time.
We went to Marie's house to watch the Superbowl (I am TOTALLY not into sports- my sister had to tell me who was playing). I really watch just for the commercials, which were mostly not funny...disappointing! While we watched the game, the kids were roasting marshmellows. After they finished, Scott left his metal roasting stick in the fire pit...and some time later TJ tried to retreive it...bare handed. Yep, 3rd degree burns across his thumb and index finger. Of his right hand. Not sure what this means for Basketball, which he is totally loving. It does probably mean handwriting anything is out for a week or so. Luckily for me (not so much for A), Jennie's daughter A had just burned her fingers a few weeks ago, so Marie and I made a mid-Superbowl trip to Jennie's to get the ointment she had to relieve pain and help the burn. TJ's sleeping now, but I have a feeling it will be a rough night.
Oh, and to round it all out, Jack died. Yes, the world's best hamster is dead. I have no idea why-he was running around like crazy last night, but earlier today I noticed I didn't see him in his usual sleeping spot in the cage, and then found him curled up in the bedding...not moving. He had even moved all his bedding out of the wheel he liked to sleep in (and where we couldn't get to him) down to the place he died. Sad. The kids will be devastated in the morning when they find out.
I'm going to run so I can sleep while the sleeping is good. Say a prayer for healing for TJ's fingers-they really are bad-the skin was brown right afterward-he literally cooked them. And it's right on the pads and joints of his thumb and index finger, so it's all a little overwhelming for him right now. And say a prayer for all the kids as they say goodbye to their first real pet.
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Tiffany said...

I think I'm a little tired and emotional. I actually shed a tear for TJ and Jack.
I tagged you on my blog go check it out.

Randi said...

So sorry that TJ got hurt so badly and the kids lost their pet!!!