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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oddly quiet

I know, I've been oddly quiet lately. Honestly, I think of things to blog about during the day, but then by the time I sit at the computer I totally blank on what they were. I totally enjoy reading everyone else's though, and get frustrated when you guys don't update your blogs regularly, so I suppose I really should type something.

On Saturday, while we are busy walking in our local parade, our favorite neighbors will be moving to Tampa. We are totally crushed to see them go, and something tells me we will be spending regular time driving Mimi that way for long sleep-over weekends. She and R are already planning the first one :-). They plan to sit by the fireplace at R's new house and sip hot chocolate-wish I could join them!

Last week, I got to attend a birth for a friend from church. I have a particular affinity for this wonderful lady. She is so positive, and genuine, and nice, and I just really wanted to be able to do something for her. It's always such an honor to be able to attend a baby's birth (although since it was a C-section, and the operating room was small, I was not there for the actual birth). I love being able to help make that time special for the mother and the father, and their new child. Baby Brie is sooooo cute too.

Speaking of babies, "Reggie" will be at our house tomorrow. Sari is beside herself excited. We'll go to the park with her, and it should be fun.
I still have no memory on my computer to download pictures, so they are stuck on the memory card in the camera. My husband has the new computer ready for me, but the files weren't transferring over the wireless network very well, so he has to hook them up physically, and that will probably be this week-end before it happens. In the mean time, I have no virtual memory, no real memory, and no patience for how long everything takes on my computer, so that has contributed to the silence :-).

Thank goodness they fixed the spell check on blogger!

I just finished Water for Elephants, and now I really appreciate the circus so much more. It was a good story, well researched, yet very entertaining. Thanks Aunt Fanny for letting me borrow it!
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5Gustos said...

I hate computer problems! Hope you get it fixed soon.

Randi said...

I lay in bed and write wonderful blogs and then when I get up I have no clue what to write.