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Sunday, August 2, 2009

31 Days of Nothing-Day 2

Today was much better. No money spent :-). Actually, Scott and the hubs both spent money, but they were gift cards, so that doesn't count in my book. I made dinner from stuff we already had, BUT I forgot to mention that I did NOT stock up at all, so this will be interesting. I want to plow through some of what is in my freezer AND my pantry, but I know I will end up buying groceries soon.
My school supply purchase plan this week is pencil sharpeners. Office Depot has nice hand sharpeners for .10 each, and I want the kids to each have their own for their work boxes since they break their pencil leads ALL the time and they have not taken to mechanical pencils. I am hoping that using better quality pencils will help. We have a MILLION free pencils, but they seem to come with leads pre-broken into a billion pieces so that no matter how well you sharpen them, they break immediately afterward. I am keeping my eyes on good quality pencils (Dixon Ticonderoga) at Office Depot and I'm holding out for them to go on sale at some point-maybe after school starts, which is the beauty of homeschooling-I can buy my supplies whenever I want.
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DebiH. said...

I have not been outside of my house since Friday night, so I'd be doing great with the 31 days of nothing! Even if I did stock up a lot on groceries, I'd have to buy milk. bread and eggs every week!

Julie said...

Tiffany's gotten me and my kids hooked on mechanical pencils...they are so convenient since we also have been using free pre-broken pencils for years!