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Sunday, August 2, 2009

End of the month plans

Consider this a warning if you are our friends of ours in NC/VA-we'll be up at the end of the month. My mom, sister, and I are taking Marie's time share week and having a "girls and kids" week. I just discovered a big SNAFU in my plan though...I will have a child in school at that point.
Sari is going to Pre-K this year. It's free in our state (well, actually my tax dollars pay for it) and TJ did it and loved it. Sari's been having separation issues and she also is begging to do school with us (not her own work-what the big kids are doing), so I am hoping this will help on both fronts and give the older 3 another year without a 4th learner at the table, which is critical for Scott this year because I am trying to bring him closer to grade level in some areas this year.
So back to my dilemma-Sari would literally be in school a week and then we'd be gone a week. Not good. Especially since you can miss a certain number of days in the year and then your child is booted out of the program. I hate to start out with 5 off the bat. But I've also already paid for this. So, what to do???
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm planning on leaving her home with her daddy. His parents will be in town, and they are willing to pick her up and keep her every afternoon if he takes her every morning. They are willing to do this because they are THRILLED with the idea of any of my kids going to a "real" school, but I'll take any motivation I can get-the point is they are willing. I feel really weird about it-I've never done anything like this before-but it makes sense and will work. The hubs may be calling on some of my most loyal friends to help out if he finds her incessant chatter to be more than he can handle and be productive around here.
So with that said, my sister is in the same boat with Bam-Bam, but the in-laws were less willing to commit to keeping HIM and Sari all week. They like my sister better than they like me, so I can't believe they won't say "yes", but I think it all comes down to the real blood relation.
I'm sorry-I don't mean for that to sound nasty at all-it's really just the truth-it's the filter my m-i-l sees the world through. But they do love Sari, and she'll enjoy their company and the one on one attention.
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Tiffany said...

That sounds like a fun week! I am sure that Sari will be just fine, she'll get some good bonding time with daddy.

Melissa said...

Count me in to help with Sari if need be.