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Saturday, August 15, 2009

31 Days of Nothing Days 13-15

So day 13 was pretty good. I cancelled a back ordered book on CBD (I ordered it in APRIL!) and got it off Amazon for $5 less. So it doesn't really count since that was money I actually spent in April and in the end I saved money anyway.

Day 14 was a bomb. See, we live in the Sunshine state. It's like 900 degrees year round (okay, I exaggerate a bit). And I have one bathing suit. One. And it's gone missing. Now personally, I could NEVER wear a bathing suit and be fine, but since going nude is socially unacceptable (and even more mortifying than a bathing suit) and never going in the water when you live in FL is dooming your children to cruel and unusual punishment, it's kind of necessary attire. And did I mention mine is missing? Not such a big deal, but I owe my littlest a trip to Aquatica since she stopped sucking her thumb, and bathing suits are required attire. I need to take her sometime in the next week because she starts Pre-K after that. I'm running out of time. So I needed another suit. And they are on sale for 60-70% off right now, but when you wear a size HUGE, that still translates into $40 for a suit that covers me the way I like. Mimi also needed a suit that didn't gape at the butt so much that you can see through from one side to the other. And Scott needs a few since he will be sailing year round, and bathing suits are only available during summer. And they were all on sale. So I splurged and got Sari one too since she was with me. That was another $20. And then since we were out and it was lunch time, and we had a place to be after lunch, I spent $5 at Arby's for the three of us to eat. Nope, not a good day.
It spiraled from there. I wasn't home to make our usual pizza/cinnamon rolls for our Friday night/Saturday morning tradition so the hubs had to stop by the store for frozen pizza and some Sister Shubert's Orange Rolls (YUM). Not a good day financially at ALL.

Today I had to go to the store, and my coupons aren't organized yet, and I haven't looked over the deals yet, but I was out of lunch meat and stuff for the hubs to smoke along with the pork from the other day. So I went to Albertson's and stuck to the sale produce/meat, and stuff we really really needed. I had NO coupons except the $5 off $50 in the paper. I did pretty good anyway. I spent $77.66 and saved $38.90. I bought 3 lbs of lunch meat, 1 1/2 lbs of sliced cheese, 2 1/2 lbs of bananas, 2 lbs of grapes, 1.5 lbs of peaches, 3 lbs of Tilapia, and about 9 lbs of chicken. I did buy a very small amount of things that I *might* have been able to dig up a coupon for, but they were either BOGO, or on sale, or a real need so it was justified.
Not too bad, but not as good as it could have been. I'm still learning.
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Tiffany said...

Good job at the grocery. You may not be doing perfect at the whole 31 days of nothing but it is making you really think about what you are buying and that's a step in the right direction. Don't be too hard on yourself.

Debbie said...

I SO want to do the 31 day thing! I will have to look through your older posts and find out more!! I would SOOOOOO fail!!! BUT wanna try anyway!!:)