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Monday, August 10, 2009

31 Days of Nothing Days 7-9

I've was doing pretty good until yesterday. We saw another redbox movie Saturday night via a free code. LOVE THAT! Yesterday though we had a Coupon class after church and it was BYOL...but I forgot my "L" (that would be lunch) because we were scrambling to get out the door that morning to go pick up our old neighbor RM who spent the day with us. We took her to church with us, and so in all the haste I forgot my lunch. So I spent $5 on a yummy sub from Subway. But I learned some money saving tips I didn't know from the coupon class, so that should justify it, right? Except that I also chose to go out after the class with two friends I haven't seen much of lately. We went to this cute little coffee place right near my house that I had never been to. I got Ginger Peach iced tea and a too-die-for slice of cheesecake so there was another $6 out of pocket (including tip). That is the kind of spending that I am meant to NOT be doing this month...the mind is willing, but the flesh is soooo weak.
I figured I'd keep it honest though and confess to you guys.
I did do great on Saturday with a real deal on Sharpie markers-9 markers for a total of 9 CENTS. Really! I got some cool unusual colors too. I was excited about that! I have a few more loss leader school things to pick up this week, but not too much. I really need to organize and actually start school someday really soon, LOL.
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