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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sorry to disappoint

Wow, I had really planned to blog daily this month, but OBVIOUSLY that hasn't happened! I did want to give a quick update to say I have alternately bombed and done great at the 31 Day of Nothing thing. If I stay home, I do great...if I leave the house, I bomb...guess I'll need to stay home more, LOL.
I have done really well with some deals lately. I went to Office Depot and got $14 worth of stuff for .81. Yep, you read that right. They are literally giving away 3 protractors and 5 folders per household this week-no strings attached or coupons required. I got 3 2-packs of scissors for .25 each, which is how I spent the .81.
Tonight, I went to Kohls. I had a $5 coupon good for $5 free on any purchase. They had a crazy sale on their clearence stuff-80% off mostly. I got a skirt, a pair of jean shorts, a nice casual top, and a white top/jacket for $22 (no, you are right, that's not "nothing"-that's the danger in leaving the house) BUT I saved $105. Of course, I never would have bought them full price, but they were good purchases at great prices.

More tomorrow. I have a product review to post on an online pattern company (ooo, my apron is SOOOO cute), so I'll have that posted tomorrow.
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Amy W. said...

my mom had an apron like that from her Granny. She would LOVE another one. How do you get that pattern??