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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

31 Days of Nothing-Day 4

Okay, so today's total is $46. I went to Albertson's to take last minute advantage of this week's sales (.97/lb for grapes-I bought $6.50 worth). They had whole chickens for .59/lb, so I bought the two biggest ones. Every single thing I bought was on sale-except the bananas which were .69/lb, so not too bad anyway. None of what I bought, except pancake syrup, would even have been something there would have been a coupon for. (We use real maple syrup mostly, but the kids like the cheap stuff, and sometimes that's all the budget allows for-like now-so Log Cabin without High Fructose Corn Syrup won out.)
As it was, I saved $21.40. I did splurge and spend $1 at the Redbox (it's included in the $46 above) because my code was invalid for some reason, but I had already told the kids I'd get Race to Witch Mountain (which was actually pretty good) and I hated to disappoint them.
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Randi Sue said...

My code was invalid, too. But luckily, I had not told the kids I was going to get a movie.

Leisa said...

meat and produce do have coupons!!