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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Empty Bowls 1

So we have this wonderful business owner in our area who runs one of those come-paint-pottery places. She also has another studio where she teaches wheel techniques. Juliette has always been soooo nice, and soooo passionate about her love for pottery and helping others to experience that love. A while back she sold her studio, and it crushed all of us, but now she's back, and we are thrilled. If I could afford it, I'd be there every day. It's so therapeutic to just create. Sadly, it's just not in my budget to go very often (it's not expensive, it's just not in MY budget).

Anyway, Juliette is spearheading this project called Empty Bowls. I guess Empty Bowls is an international thing, but Juliette heard about it years ago and really wanted to make it happen here. Through a myriad of circumstances, she's ended up doing most of the work, and donating almost all the supplies to make this happen. But she does it all with a smile, and is just thrilled that it is finally happening. ALL the clay, and glazes, and power for the kiln to fire the bowls, and studio time...for 300 bowls...has all been DONATED by Juliette.

She's invited the community to come help make bowls or paint bowls, or both, and we have gone twice now with a close group of friends to take her up on it. Hey, it's therapeutic, it's FREE, and it's for a good cause. Does it get better than that?

Below are some pictures from our FIRST session:

Mad painting and showing off her first bowl.Below is one of my favorite pictures of her mamma.

AG and her first bowl. I got an almost natural smile, LOL.
AG's mamma, and our favorite resident HOME VISITING, prescription writing, Nurse Practitioner.

Scott, who totally surprised me with how "into it" he got. He did beautiful work, and he was the only one to MAKE a bowl too.
I forget the name of this lady who is helping Juliette with the Empty Bowls thing. She was SO kind, and walked Scott through the whole process of making a bowl. Below you can see one of the "stamps" he used to press into the side of his bowl.

Mimi's first bowl. She surprised me too. She's infinitely creative, but this has a lot of little details. She continued the trend with her second bowl, below, which she covered with a quilt-like pattern on the outside.

I LOVE this one because a) H is a total poser. There is no such thing as a candid picture with her, she sees the camera and strikes a pose...and b) TJ can be really obnoxious about ducking INTO pictures I am taking and thinking it is totally funny. Well, this time the joke is on him, because it looks like he's getting a brush up his nose, LOL.

Ever posing H with her second bowl-not shocking at all that she chose her favorite color combo.

My own first bowl. I don't think I have a picture of the second one I did (I only have this picture because Scott grabbed the camera and took some pictures with it). I really like this one, and can't wait to see it fired.
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Cristy said...

Those are fantastic. I would love to know when she is doing this. Two of my three kids would really like it. The boy, well, he'll probably play his DS or something. He might like to make one, but the girls would forever be painting. I like it, I like it.

oneblessedmamma said...

You can go anytime. She is making bowls until the 14th, and painting them for about a week after that. You can participate in either or both.

Sonya said...

How can we go/get in on this??? Looks like great fun!