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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Symphony

We have been going to the Symphony every year now since Scott was a preschooler. We figure it's been at least 8 years. They do a wonderful job. The Symphony plays 7-10 songs, the ballet dances to at least on of them, and the opera sings for one. There is also always some sort of audience sing along. All that for $5 a ticket. It's great.

This year though had a few glitches. First, the parking situation was a HUGE problem for some reason. They had notified everyone to park in a different lot than the one that has been used year after year, but that morning decided to change back to the regular lot, so people had to go to two different lots to park. Then they (for the first time ever) decided to give every car a HANDWRITTEN receipt for, well, nothing, thereby causing me, and everyone else like me, to spend 30 minutes in the line of cars waiting to enter the parking lot. RIDICULOUS! In the end though, we got parked and in with a few minutes to spare so that was good.
The other "glitch" was something they had no control over-the obnoxious 5 year old and his totally permissive mother who were sitting behind me. If this boy kicked my seat once, he kicked it 1000 times. And he did NOT want to be there (maybe he had to go pee???), so he tried to escape a few times and ended up bumping all our seat and pulling our kids' hair. Then he SPOKE during a few of the numbers. And the mother spoke back to him...telling him she'd take him out at intermission. Since I had had enough, I turned around and VERY nicely told her there was no intermission (it's less than an hour long) so she shouldn't wait for that to do whatever she was going to do. She did finally take him out for a little bit, but they came back, and he was still obnoxious. ARGH! I'm trying to expose my kids to culture and teach them how to dress and behave when experiencing the arts, and we have the perfect NEGATIVE example right behind us.
Oh well, the philharmonic did a very nice job, so when the child behind us wasn't talking or kicking my seat, it was quite enjoyable.

The boys don't know how to be serious, LOL. Note, they were clowning around BEFORE the symphony started, not DURING the symphony.

We have picture of the kids from EVERY year since we started coming. Here's this year's:
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Smith Schoolhouse said...

wow- I was just wondering when reading Winchester Academy how many years it had been since that first trip to the symphony- you guys are so good to have kept it up year after year! that parking situation sounds crazy.