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Monday, October 12, 2009

Empty Bowls 2

To answer some of the "locals" questions, anyone can go do this anytime Juliette is open. If you want to bring a small group, I'd call ahead to give her a head's up. She is MAKING bowls until the 14th, and painting them for about a week after that, so time is running out. Go today!

Maybe I'll come back and add commentary later...but I really should be homeschooling my kids. In all, this visit, we painted 21 bowls and made 15 :-).
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Leisa said...

Did you happen to get a pic of Ethan or Liv? Not that it is your job, I just have been spoiled by having a professional photographer as a friend. If so you can email me, how about those shells??

Tiffany said...

I have pics of Liv I think...
Great pictures--Juliette needs to see them!!! I love the picture of her helping Joe. I am just going to send my blog readers to you to see pics instead of trying to post them myself.