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Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Mimi!!!

We thought it was so nice of Epcot to install a birthday cake for Mimi right in the planter as you walk in. (It's really for the Food and Wine Festival, but hey, we'll take it!)

My Mimi and her girlfriend Mad on a "design your own roller coaster" attraction that just opened at EPCOT. They had such a blast on this that they rode it three times. The first time was a scaredy-cat run...then they bumped it up a the third time, they were upside down (above).

Two beautiful girls-inside and out

For the record that's Israeli coke they are toasting with :-)

My daughter and my Godson share the same birthdate...we met up with them for a short time at Epcot today.

Happy Birthday Mimi. You are a blessing to me, and to the whole family. You are a true friend to everyone. You are endlessly creative, and when you set your mind to it, there is nothing you can't do. We love you!
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Kris said...

Happy Birthday, Mimi. You are a huge blessing!!

crispy said...

Happy birthday sweet girl from Tally and Tissy. =)

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday to one sweet girl!! She is truly special and unique, I am blessed to know her and so are my girls!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Mimi!
Looks like the perfect Disney day...