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Monday, October 12, 2009

I HATE this new phone!!!!

Yes, I have a new cell phone. No, I can't afford to buy groceries or toilet paper, but I have a new cell phone. Ask the magician's wife...she'll explain.

And I am HATING this phone more and more by the minute. All I want is a ringtone. Just a simple, christian ringtone. I mean it comes with ringtones, but they are all either profoundly annoying or ( in the case of the "harp", which I like) are too soft for me to hear even on high. I guess I'm going deaf in my old age.
All I've ever heard about Macs and Apple is that they are the BOMB. So simple to use...And Apple makes the iPhone, so that should hold true here, right?


Simple for who?

It's like they operating system was designed by someone on drugs.

Simple is click on "ringtone" sort by "genre" and find a tone I want.

Simple is NOT scroll through the entire body of available songs looking for the Christian ones (there MUST be a way to search the database, but I can't find it), click on some info button on them and look for a bell icon which means I can buy the song and then EDIT IT MYSELF to make it a ringtone.





How is that simple OR user friendly?

If anyone local can come set me up with Revelation Song or Jesus Messiah as my ringtone, I can trade you a photo shoot.


And if you try to call me and I don't answer, it's because I can't hear the soothing harp music over the seething in my head.

By the way, I declared Columbus day a homeschool holiday so I could deal with this. Now I've accomplished NOTHING for my whole morning. We haven't even mentioned Columbus. And I still don't have a ringtone.

Yes, I understand there is a certain amount of irony about betting this upset trying to find a Christian ringtone.

I prefer to think of it as righteous anger ;-).
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Leisa said...

HaHa! I told you you would hate it... Get a Blackberry, I am in Love with mine, in fact we're dating, and I would marry it if I was single...It's just that good!

DebiH. said...

We have never owned any computer that is not a Mac and the iphone, itouch, etc are completely logical to me. Maybe Mac users' brains are wired differently. :) If you put a PC in front of me, I get nervous and feel like I have never used a computer before! :)
The iphone has so many uses that it is amazing but that also means it might take longer to figure out.

Tiffany said...

I'll trade you my phone for your iphone?

Amy W. said...

shoot....did i miss columbus day???? we thought of that for the gps in it but opted just to buy one and keep our cheap phones! miss you ALL!!!!!