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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good News Express- The Birthday Gift Review

The Passkeys Foundation is a company I had never heard of before some members of the TOS Crew received a book from them for us to review. While Passkeys Foundation has many offerings geared toward developing kids of character, they have several lines of age-specific AMAZING character building books for kids.

The book we received was from their "Good News Express" line. This line is geared toward preschoolers/kindergartners ages 3-5. The line focuses on four character traits, sharing, thankfulness, cheerfulness, and friendship, each addressed in its own book. My family received The Birthday Gift, which is the book about sharing.
The Birthday Gift has a touching story about a bear who recognizes the needs of another and chooses to give away his own birthday present to meet that need.

The pros to me about this book (and I would assume the others like it in the series) are numerous. The book is nicely illustrated, and the story was engaging enough that my 12 year old read it, loved it, and is currently standing next to me asking to have it back so he can read it before he goes to bed tonight. It is every bit as professionally presented as a book you would find for sale at major chain stores. AND, it includes a CD with a recorded version of the story, and a few songs that reinforce the theme. At $7.50, the price is more than reasonable.

I don't have any cons for this book. I must say, the website for Passkeys is a little hard to negotiate, so if you are interested in ordering this book or the others they publish, you would do well to follow the link above or below and then scroll down to find the product you are interested in.

The bottom line is that this is one book you can feel good about your child reading. And hopefully learning solid life lessons from. Not only is the $7.50 price tag more than fair for this book, the set of four is available for $20-bringing the price down to $5 each. I'd absolutely recommend you checking out this book and the others they publish-they have quite an extensive line. If you want more ordering information, go HERE. To see what other members of the TOS Crew had to say, go HERE.
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