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Monday, March 1, 2010

iheartfaces Hilarious Outtakes Challenge

This week is another Hilarious Outtakes week. We can enter up to five pictures. These four are some of my favorites from the last few months. Click on the iheartfaces logo above to see more entries.

Some people just know how to take a great picture, LOL!

Only a child thinks, "I wonder how many rubber duckies I can fit in my bathing suit." I *should* mention, in her defense, that her mother is pregnant with her fourth child. She is NOT, however, expected to deliver a rubber duckie.

Rivers of boogers AND dirt. YUM!

My husband has learned a coping mechanism for always finding himself in front of my camera-the deliberately goofy face. This is from our son's 8th birthday at Disney. Notice how even the 4 year old is mortified by her silly daddy.

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Christina said...

These are great!! I do the deliberately goofy face, too! :) It's a defense mechanism, for sure.
The ducks in the swimsuit is the best, though. Very funny!

Just Rhonda said...

LOVE the duckies in the suit one!!!

Abigail said...

That duckies one really is great!

Sonya said...

Really? One of your favorite? I'm... something. You need more fiends, finds, I mean, friends!

Tiffany said...

Great pictures! I love the LW picture--so cute! And Sonya--that's a riot!

Steph said...

Super great! LOVE the rubber duckie one. THRILLED that I threatened you to within an inch of your life unless you deleted that horrible one of me. Funny is one thing, unflattering another!!!