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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random Thoughts for the week

So, God hasn't shown up to tell us to build an ark, but He did deliver more animals. For months we've had a fearless Raccoon eating our catfood at about 5-6PM every day. Well, last night I found out that that Raccoon is a girl. How do I know? Because she had two babies in tow. No wonder we've been going through cat food so quickly.

We were robbed AND vandalized in the past week. Really. The boys bikes were stolen from our front driveway right up next to the house. And yes, you could argue (and we did) that the bikes should have been in the BACK, but we have also had three bikes stolen from the back in the past, so that's not a guarantee either.

The vandalizing appears to be someone practicing their sling shot skills. They put a hole in one of the screens in Tyler's room...oh, and after the hole in the screen, the rock also made an even bigger hole in the WINDOW. Lovely. We live in a old house, they don't make windows like this anymore, and now we have a HUGE hole in on of the panes. It's a shame that what kids view as harmless fun can be so costly. Scott's theory is that they shot out the window BEFORE stealing the bikes...kind of as a way to see if anyone was home/awake. I don't know, but it is suspicious that it happened int eh same week.

I cooked a turkey last week using Sonya's recommendation. You put it in the cold oven, turn it on to 500, and once it reaches 500, you cook it for an hour and then turn the oven off and leave the oven closed with the turkey inside for the next 4-6 hours. Oh, and you need to add about an inch of water to the bottom of the pan the turkey is in, and it needs to have a lid, although I used foil. It worked great, and is a nice alternative for busy families who aren't home all day to be sure they can take the bird out of the oven when it is done cooking.

I also made some YUM-OLA mac and cheese yesterday. Homemade is just SO much better than the box.

Does ANYONE out there really care if/when/where Tiger will play again? I don't.

The hubs was channel surfing the other night and landed on a show on the comedy channel that has left me scared for life. I can't even explain what they were doing here without making this blog rated R, but my local friends should ask because then they can share my burden of the image I can never forget. All people may be created in God's image, but some of them obviously got NONE of His intelligence.

It's good not to have the puking plague anymore. But catching up on the laundry, school, and housework may take weeks.

I'm sorry, I'm too tired to be funny tonight. This time change thing is SERIOUSLY overrated!!!

Cats don't play piano well. Just sayin'.

They are also nocturnal...ask me how I know, and how it relates to my tiredness, LOL.
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Melissa said...

Raccoon babies - pictures please. They must be very cute.

Sonya said...

Glad to hear that you are still in the land of the living! Praying for your quick assimilation into the new hours and w/o the feline concerto, rest, patience and good dispositions for all!

Randi Sue said...

Glad you are feeling well. I made a turkey like that and it was very good.