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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Flat Stanley

Probably two years ago, I asked my brother if he would take "Flat Stanley" on a trip with him (he travels for business). Flat Stanley has never returned, and honestly we don't want him back. He gets to take the COOLEST adventures, and then he writes his OWN blog posts about them. I just have to share because my brother does an amazing job on this blog, and I know a ton of people out there in the homeschool would will enjoy reading about Stanley's adventures too!
Here's the blog address:

Go check it out!
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Cheryl said...

the photo of Flat Stanley by Mt. Rushmore was hilarious!

TOSHeidi said...

I remember seeing this blog one other time and being so impressed with it! I'm following Flat Stanley now so I can keep up with his adventures!