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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just call me the world's worst mom

Monday was Sari's 5th birthday and I didn't so much as blog a sentence about it. I had started making a really cool Graphics-Toolbox scrapbook page to post, but then a new, and very needy, homeschool mom called me Monday morning, and I didn't get it done. After that, we went to Disney for the afternoon and night, and then yesterday was Precept and the park and United in Praise, and here we are on Wednesday night and I STILL haven't finished it!

So, here is my lame-o attempt to make up for that:

Sari, you are the BESTEST little girl a mother could want. You are my "B" and my princess and I love you.
I love the way you can't say your "l" and say an "n" instead. I imagine by this time next year, that will be a distant memory. I love that you can't do some of your consonant blends, so you ask me for a "poon" instead of "spoon"...I'll miss that someday too. I love that you can play in your room for hours by yourself making all your little toys act and talk to each other. I love that when you fall asleep you always tell me you are just going to take a "nittle nap". I love that you love to be read to, and always ask for just "one more" story. I love you to pieces...right up to the moon and back.

your mamma
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Debbie(single;complicated) said...

gorgeous pictures..beautiful gal..and sweet, sweet post!!

Randi Sue said...