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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random Update

Yesterday was my birthday. I made a pathetic comment on Facebook that no one had wished me a happy birthday and suddenly everyone I knew was chiming in...oh the power of the internet! And today, a member of UIP even brought me a plate of chocolate covered strawberries. YUM! I'll have a birthday everyday for chocolate ;-).

Yesterday we signed TJ up for Upward Soccer. He is SO good at soccer, and he has not had the chance to play on a team for almost 2 years. He's excited, and so am I. Ironically, his older sister also decided she wanted to play. She knows full well that she may not know anyone on her team, but she still wants to play. I think we will be eating beans and rice for the next few months but how do you allow one to play and tell the other no when they both are expressing a desire to play? Wishing that money tree in the backyard would grow quicker, LOL.

Our garden is really growing. I think we will have fresh veggies within a month. We have to build one more box to accommodate all our budding plants, but hopefully we'll get that done this weekend. We have potato growing quite unintentionally. They are growing in my worm composter, and we need to transplant them somewhere too.

Our old neighbor is having a baby in the morning. It's a scheduled c-section. They have a 11 year old daughter and are having another little girl. My girls are SOOO excited for them. I'm planning on going over there to take pictures sometime in the next week. I've learned some great tips from some instructional DVD's I got, and I can't wait to try them.

The orange blossoms are blooming. That's my number one allergen. And Matt and Susan's baby is the first of 3 newborns that I am meant to be photographing in the next 2-3 weeks. What are the chances the moms are going to be okay with my shooting photos of their newborns in between blowing my nose and sneezing...I'm guessing slim to none.

The fence people are coming to give us an estimate on Friday. That project is funded from our refinance over a year ago, but it seems weird to not have the money to fix our broken ice maker or to go to the chiropractor for my neck/shoulder problem, but have the finances for a fence...but that's how it works. I'm VERY excited. Our questionably legal chicks arrive in a little over 2 weeks, and the fence in critical to hiding them from prying eyes.

Speaking of prying eyes...we have new neighbors behind us. They don't seem the prying type at all. In fact, they are very nice, and they have two little girls-one Sari's age. Sari however is consumed with being shy around this little girl. I have a feeling they will be fast friends before too long, but it's interesting to watch the shy beginning right now.

The house next to us has been inspected and had a property survey, but still no actually sign of purchase. It seems like someone should have been moving in by now...

I think Spring Break starts tomorrow for our homeschool...I have a house that is in shambles, and I need the mental break from schoolwork to get it in order. I do want the kids to do some Easter lapbook/Unit study things first though...and maybe a art project or two.

Again, I have given you a terribly boring update, but at least it's something, LOL.
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Deana said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Both of my kids are playing soccer too, so we will also be on the beans & rice meal plan :)

Melissa said...

I love your terribly boring updates - make them continue!