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Friday, March 12, 2010

Pukes, Poops, and Aloe Juice

Disgusting, I know, but the title is catchy at least, LOL.

SO over the past few weeks EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE we know has had the puking plague. Even people who don't usually get sick.

But I though my family...the puking plague kings...seemed to somehow blissfully avoid it all.


Shows what I know.

Our visitation of this nasty bug waited until everyone else we know was well so we could wallow alone in our misery.

And on my husband's birthday no less.

Sari got sick Wednesday night starting at about 12:20 and puking every 20 minutes until about 5:30 when she blissfully got a few hours sleep. Me? Not so much. Hard to sleep on a couch with a sick child whose every movement has you jumping for the bucket.

Knowing Thursday would be ugly with one seriously sick kid and one seriously sleep deprived mamma (who tummy was pretty rumble-y by that point), I went to the Red Box, checked out Planet 51 and Where the Wild Things Are and pretty much told the other kids as long as it did not involve bugging me or their sick sister, they had free reign.

That was prophecy from God right there, because I went down for the count within the hour. Luckily I did not get the throw up end of it, because I'd rather meet my Maker now than throw up every again, but I was NOT WELL.

Sari was doing better by last night, and I thought she was on the mend, and then she woke up at 4:30 this morning and puked again. And she had not eaten anything. This is a wicked little bug!

Scott woke this morning with poops, and my hypochondriac Mimi proclaimed herself sick too. She moped around and generally did her best to act sick...and then would ask if she could have some strawberries dipped in sugar. Not a very convincing patient. Later, while I was on the phone, she came in proclaiming she had thrown up and offering me evidence which I declined to view. When she asked me for some soup 10 minutes after that, I told her sick (barfing) kids don't eat soup, and she fessed up that she filled the bucket with some water and a little yogurt (for opacity) and pretended to throw up because, "I just wanted a day to lie around and do nothing". As if, with a sick mamma, that wasn't what was on the docket anyway. Oiy! That one will be the death of me.

So now, where does the Aloe Juice come in? Well, about half a year ago, I started using Nature's Sunshine products (I am a "member" or "Distributor" or whatever they call it) to address many of my health issues. I have LOVED the Chlorophyll, and some of the other herbal supplements I take, and I've seen some success from them, particularly with the Chlorophyll and a reduction in my allergies. So, a few weeks ago they had a special in the Aloe Juice that my friend swears by for gut issues. Having IBS and a ton of gut related problems, I ordered some.


I hadn't brought myself to try it yet.

See, I've never consumed Aloe before. Rubbed in on my skin, yes. Drank it, NO. And then there was the description of it being "refreshing" that I found a bit ambiguous and kind of scary. Refreshing HOW exactly?

But when you are on death's door step, you'll try almost anything.

SO, I poured my self 2oz. of Aloe and purposed to drink it.

I know now why they call it "refreshing".

It's a tad weird. Hard to describe. It smells like baby wipes, and I had a real mental battle to drink something that smells like baby wipes. But I was desperate. So I chugged it. It has a strange effervescence. Almost like it's carbonated, but it's not. It just makes all the cells in your mouth puker so you feel like it is. But it's palatable.


I felt better within 30 minutes. My stomach no longer contorted in PAIN. It was crazy, but I'll do crazy if it means I feel better.

Today, I snuck it into Scott's cup with a little gatorade, and he drank it we'll see how he does.

From now on though, if we get the pukes and poops, we are DEFINITELY going to be drinking Aloe Juice.
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Debbie(single;complicated) said...

I need some of that stuff!! I actually used to drink Aloe juice..I out it in apple juice it masked the taste.! sorry you have all been sick..!

Melissa said...

Cool about the aloe - not something I've read about before.