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Thursday, March 4, 2010

More really random thoughts

1) When is a free farm tour NOT free? When you hop onto the flat bed trailer they want to take everyone around on and a wood splinter tears a hole in your jeans.

In the BUTT of your jeans.

In the BUTT of the only pari of jeans that fits you.


That was a $25 farm tour at LEAST.

2) Did I mention my kids had already told me how BORING this farm tour thingy was before I tore my pants? In their defense, the Orchid place was neat for the adult people in the front of the pack, but not so much for anyone in the back OR under the age of say 50.

3) My daughter Sari and her cousin Bam-Bam fight like siblings. Probably because he has none, so he really views her as his sister. In the car yesterday, they were fighting. Really fighting. LOUDLY. Luckily I was on the phone with the hubs so I was able to laugh instead of scream at them. The funniest part was when Sari yelled, "N-O" at the top of her lungs, and Bam-Bam yelled back, "N-YES!". HA HA. 5 year olds! They are a hoot.

4) Our kitten likes to fish from our goldfish bowl. So far, the goldfish are fine, although their water level drops at an alarming rate.

5) Three of my four kids fell alsleep tonight with me reading aloud to them. How many time has that ever happened before? NONE. In fact, some of my closest friends probably are having to pick themselves off the floor at the idea of me reading aloud ( I HATE to do it...I'm not bad at it...but I prefer to read silently to myself).

Yes, I know, these aren't nearly as funny as my last random thoughts, but it's 11 PM, I'm tired, and my husband just got home. I am trying though to mildly entertain my faithful readers, LOL.
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1 comment:

Melissa said...

Sorry about your jeans - what a pain in the BUTT!