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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The kids, as usual, have been loving AWANA this year. Sari is a Spark, TJ and Mimi are in T &T, and Scott is a helper with the Cubbies. Below are a few pictures:

My little girl all grown up with her Sparks vest on. Her slacker mamma has yet to sew on her patch though ;-).

My nephew Bam-Bam, who is also a Spark.

This past month, TJ won "Clubber of the Month". I got a "heads-up" phone call earlier in the day to let me know, and I was soooo excited for him. He had been hoping to get the award the previous month, but someone else was chosen, so I knew he would really appreciate getting it this month. And he brought a friend that night too, so it was doubly special.
Tonight was the last AWANA before the New Year. I TOTALLY forgot gifts for the kids' teachers and I feel like a TOTAL slacker! I knew it was the last meeting before Christmas, but it didn't click that that meant tonight was the LAST night to give gifts to the kids' leaders and helpers...Scott, on the other hand, got a nice card from the Director of the Cubbies, and a tin of peppermint candies AND he even got an ornament specifically for him from one of the little Cubbies who thinks he's great. I think it made his night, and the ornament is on the tree already.

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