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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's traditions

My friend Lisa (actually, she's an ANGEL because she took over running the homeschool group for me) is running a contest on her blog. She asked for New Year's traditions, and I'm afraid I don't have much to offer, but here goes:

I always, always, always watch the ball drop. The new year just doesn't even feel right without it. I do wish though that they'd say adios to Dave Clark...I feel bad for his post-stroke self trying to talk so that anyone has a chance of understanding him. He's a great man, an icon of his time, and keeping him on the air destroys image. I got to do New Year's in Time's Square on year in high school. TOO COOL.

On New Year's day, my family usually gets together. We hang out, play games, and generally laugh. A lot. Now, my husband's family has been grafted in too since the in-laws have a house up here. I don't watch sports, and could never see another televised game again and have it be too soon, so it is DEFINITELY NOT about the bowl games, although there will undoubtedly be some game watching on the in-laws side of things.

For my family, we always have standing rib roast. We're not southern, so no hoppin' John or Susan or Joe or whatever. And we have Yorkshire pudding. It's my grandmother's recipe, and it's one way we keep her memory alive. What I love most is that it's my dad's mom who always made it (my parents divorced decades ago), and it's MY mom who carries on the tradition. Unfortunately, the in-laws are hosting this year, so who knows what we will be eating ;-(.
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Tiffany said...

Hey--love all your blog posts! Since you've been speed blogging there is no way I can comment on every one but I did want to say that I've loved all the pictures and seeing how you spent your holidays. Can't wait to catch up! I always watch the ball drop too (if I can stay awake)--got to see it last night and was deeply disturbed watching Dick Clark making out with that woman. Ewwwww!