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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas morning-at home

I love this age when they can get excited about anything-even stickers!

Scott waiting patiently with his stocking.

Mimi with her stocking. She loved her Christmas eve pj's, but not as much as Sari, who spent all day in hers.

TJ hugging his stocking. They are SOOOO good about not coming out and digging in to them before we are ready. I know it must kill them to be so patient.

Santa was really, REALLY good to me. (And to quote my least favorite Christmas song that plays over and over in my head thanks to our friend at WACO, "Santa looks a lot like daddy", or at least my kids' daddy ;-) ). The hubs got me this great point and shoot. I told him I wanted one so I did not have to take the "big camera" everywhere we go. It's pretty heavy to carry around Disney for hours and hours on end. This little point and shoot takes great pictures and and weighs next to nothing. I am one really lucky and blessed mamma and wife for sure!

The BIG family gift. A new trampoline that I waited in line for 45 minutes for at 11:30PM on Thanksgiving night. And just in case you are wondering, it sat under that blanket for a MONTH with no one noticing. And it is still sitting there because yesterday was busy and today was FREEZING.

Every year, The Hubs buys the kids a gift just from him. Usually, he does pretty well. And he got 3 out of 4 this year. But for some reason, he took a leave of his sense and thought, "I know just what my 11 year old, artistic, girlie daughter wants. Certainly not the paint set she asked me for. She's much prefer the TOOL kit I found for her. After all, all the other kids have one." So the above picture is Mimi's somewhat disingenuous response. The irony? You needed a screwdriver to unscrew the plastic that covers the the screwdrivers. Poor planning on someone's part!
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