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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Clothes

Monday was our annual, "Go shopping with Nana and Pop Pop for Christmas clothes" day. Unfortunately, it was also, "OBM go to the Dermatologist day"too, which I only realized the night before. So we I dropped the 3 youngest off to Nana and Pop Pop so they could start the shopping without me, while Scott came to the dermatologist with me (he waited in the waiting room with his new iPod Touch). It was a breeze of an appointment-clean bill of health, just come back in a year- and on to the mall.

By the time I got there, Sari had already picked out her dress:
It's adorable, but obviously did not lend itself to a matching dress for her 11 year old sister, LOL.

The boys clothes were next, with the shirts being easy. The pants are just plain black but were a little harder since the store with the shirts didn't have black pants in TJ's size, and Scott now needs to shop for pants in the MEN'S department (he's a 29/32). We got it done though, and their shoes fell pretty easily in place too...
Scott's are the same Timberland shoes he's had for 2 years now-the size just keeps getting bigger. He's at a tough size-a 7 in Men's.

TJ liked these snazzy shoes:

And Sari had already picked these out while I was with Pop Pop getting the boys pants. She is currently saying they are a little tight, so we will see if we have to go BACK to the mall to exchange them ;-).

And then there was one...Oiy! This child is the clothing DEATH of me. 7 hours in the mall later, she had THIS outfit, complete with the half boots below:

At least all their clothes are practical (except Sari's dress, but if every there was an age to dress in candy canes, 5 is definitely it!). I'm thankful they have some new stuff that a) they really like and b) fits, so we have some nice "dress clothes" if we need them!
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Melissa said...

Gotta love the half boots!

Julie said...

Looks like a success! Sari's dress is too cute and the other clothes are great and practical!

Sheila Jo said...

I may need to borrow your eldest daughter to be my stylist. Hope you don't mind...

Tiffany said...

I love Sari's dress, I wish I could wear a dress like that! Totally my style. Em's outfit is great too and so her--Hannah will love it too I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

How cute!! I really need to buy really good outerwear for kids this Christmas. I have so many kids in my family.