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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Disney for the holidays

Nobody does the holidays like Disney does. Sari told me the other day that her two favorite things were halloween and Christmas lights, so of course, we had to go see the Osbourne lights at the Studios. This may be the last year with Disney passes for a while. The kids would love Universal tickets instead since we've never been there. The problem? The Disney passes blacked out for the holidays on the 18th, but three of the kids had been sick, like antibiotic, hacking up a lung sick, for the week leading up to that, so we had to force ourselves to go when I would usually have given them a few more days to feel better. I had two objectives: See some of the Epcot storytellers in the countries and see the Osbourne lights. As a bonus, Marie's family was going that day too, so we spent a few hours with them also.

Sari was enchanted with the snowflakes being projected on the ground as we left Epcot.

The 3 kings in Mexico. Now you see why I call the old point and shoot the yucky camera-it sometimes randomly chooses to record only part of an image. In this case, Sari was left with half a face. You would think I would KNOW that and take more than one shot of each pose!

The Monkey King in Japan.

Julenissen and the storyteller in Norway.

The moon above the Aukershus. Remember the yucky camera? The old point and shoot that prompted me to ask for a new one? It did a decent job on this picture.

The angel on the top of the Epcot tree.

The Osborne lights. Sari is actually in the picture, just hiding behind Mimi.

This is what the street looks like. It's wall to wall people, and lights cover every surface imaginable.

Sari was THRILLED. Especially as the fake "snow" fell.

All four of them. This angst-filled look has become common with Scott, so expect to see more of it.

Another view of the street...and the people.
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Julie said...

Just read all the updates, now I'll be all caught up when I see you in a little while!