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Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Cookies

Every year, my family gets together to make Christmas cookies.  This year, my brother and his wife were in town too (they are here every other Christmas) so the kids especially enjoyed the day.  Here are some pictures:

Molasses Cookies

White Velvet Cookies

Berliner Kranzes...YUM!

She LOVES her Aunt and Uncle

So while the cookies were baking, the boys enjoyed a little outdoor entertainment.  The race consisted of running downhill, kicking off the house, and running back up hill as fast as you can.  As you can see, Uncle Craig does not believe in throwing the race :-).

My mom also had several sticker plants growing in her yard.  This one was Audrey's younger sister (from Little Shop of Horrors).  VERY big and scary!  Mom decided to dig them out while we were there and every time we removed one, we found 2 more. 

After cookie making was done, we had some dinner and played some games.  I caught the youngest cousins playing battleship, and everyone else played a cut throat game of Clue.

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Melissa said...

YUM! Cookies! Great to see your posts. You and I are in blog mode tonight.