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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The OTHER thing I was doing Christmas Eve

Was finishing these (adding the stick and ribbon to hang them by)...
We decided kind of last minute to make a gift for each family unit in our family.  Mimi had made a batik banner in the fall at Kiwi's house, and I had everything on hand to do it, so I figured we would do the same thing on a smaller scale for everyone.  The problem?  I loved them all SO much, it was hard to give them away...and only making 6 meant not having even one left for us :-(.  I think we'll be making more of these for each holiday...for us to keep!  Below you can see what each of our creations looked like.




Sari and I together


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Julie said...

Love em!

Melissa said...

These are fabulous! We'll have to talk more about how you made them.