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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Treasure of Montley's Manor

In the beginning of December, the CCYT (Christian Community Youth Theatre) presented The Treasure of Montley's Manor.  The ladies who run CCYT have done a music camp for YEARS at a local church, and when a change in leadership meant a change in programming, they took their week-long camp and turned it into an ongoing theatre program.  Miss Paula, one of the ladies in charge, wrote The Treasure of Montley's Manor, and it was fabulous.  Poor old Montley is dead, his manor has been turned into an orphanage, and everyone is trying to find the treasure he was rumored to leave behind...and eventually they succeed, but the treasure is NOT what they expect.  This one provides not monetary gain, but eternal life-it's his Bible.  The show had a great message, and the kids did a wonderful job.  Mimi (in the pink poodle skirt) had a much bigger part than I had realized, and sadly, I almost missed out on having any pictures as the batteries on one camera were dead and I didn't have a memory card for the other!  Oiy!  But a friend from church came to the rescue, so here are a few photos from the second half.

Not only does the show have a great message, but CCYT is such a positive group.  They did the show for free, and the money collected as a love offering went to a local charity (after expenses for the show were covered-the ladies running it paid for everything up front out of their own pockets and don't charge anything for the kids to participate!).  The kids who participate also volunteer at the same local charity.  What a blessing!
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