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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Legoland...and the last "catch up" post of 2011

We had the chance to go with our homeschool group to the recently opened Legoland here in FL.  It's not particularly close to us, but worth the drive to get in on a $5 a person school group rate!  And best of all, the Hubs got to come with us.

Legoland is built on the old Cypress Gardens, and they left part of the gardens intact.  This is an amazing Banyan tree that would really be worth the visit for that alone!

I promise Scott was there for more than the first picture and the last, but he was having "a day" and didn't prove to be very photogenic ;-).  In all fairness, the park is really geared toward a slightly younger crowd, and it was the week between Christmas and New Year, which is the busiest week of the year for theme parks.  The wait on many rides was 90 minutes or more, so there were some things we just chose not to do, but we were able to do enough to make it worth the drive.

Oh, since this is the last 2011 post, I should end with the fact that Mimi went to spend the weekend with RM the day after Legoland (for RM's b-day)...and she's still there!  I pick her up today after lunch.  Boy, do I miss that girl when she's not here!
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