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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve day was our day to spend with Aunt Sheila and Uncle Craig.  In a remarkable turn of events, I had actually gotten all the gifts wrapped ahead of time, and so the day was free of last minute wrapping pressures.  I'll have to make an earnest effort to have that happen every year!  But back to Craig and Sheila.  We spent the day playing games-or at least they did.  I still had some cooking to do for Christmas.  They played on the Mario Party on the game cube, and Star Wars Monotony , I mean Monopoly, in real life.  Then we went to a local park in the afternoon, and the Hubs parents for dinner (they always host a Christmas Eve stew event).

Mimi decided to practice some Lyra skills

And once Mimi started...

Aunt Sheila joined in

The "royal" wave

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