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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The rest of Christmas 2011

After church, we all gathered at my mom's house.  By "we all", I mean, we ALL.  This is a joint affair that includes my siblings and their families, my husband's parents, his sister and her family, my ex-step-father, and sometimes even my brother-in-law's dad, although not this year.  Oh, and Plum-a friend of my brother's who is from Thailand.  He comes to Christmas with us and is like a member of the family.  Our traditional brunch was replaced this year with a real lunch since the Hubs's parents got a great deal on a beef tenderloin that would feed 20 :-).

After lunch, we do our gifts for the neices and nephews, and then a "Chinese" gift exchange (you know, where you draw numbers and can steal from others, etc.) for the adults, which greatly decreases the madness of trying to buy just the right thing for all those people!

I knew my kids were getting quite the blessing this year with their gifts, and it was a very HAPPY Christmas for them.
TJ got the Ninjago set he really wanted

And a 5 pound gummy bear!

Mimi got a Cake Pop maker

Scott got a Wave 360-his old Ripstick was stolen

And Sari got Kanani-the 2011 American Girl doll (who had already gone through a clothing change by the time I got this picture).

Sari's best gift though was time with Plum

And Aunt Sheila....

And Uncle Craig...

My mom got these cool sunglasses

My sister and her husband (and mom in the background)

Sari's gorgeous dress, princess hair, and a tree surrounded by promises and potential ;-)
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Julie said...

I LOVE the last picture!!

Melissa said...

Me too - last pic is great! Is my Mad too old for princess hair?

oneblessedmamma said...

Melissa- absolutely not, I'd be happy to give her "princess hair" ;-)