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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


So Sears just called
Our refrigerator?

They've lost it.

Can't find the truck the fridge is supposed to be on.

Oh, and they will call us within 24-48 hours to update the delivery time.

Welcome to my life.

Then, I call the delivery 1-800 number back only to reach India where they can do nothing for me except repeat the mantra, "call the store you purchased it at for an update." The problem? IT"S 8 AM and the store opens at 10. I don't "do" waiting well, especially not when I am frustrated, and yes, I am sure this is an opportunity to be refined by God, but the thing is...I don't feel like being refined right now, I feel like bullying someone into bringing me my fridge TODAY if they have to walk it here on a hand trolley. After all, I paid for it, I have a receipt stating it will be delivered today, and I want it TODAY (YEP, I need to work on that dying-to-self thing).
Tempted to drive myself and 5 kids (we have R today) to Appliance Direct, pick out a new fridge and tell cancel the order. The kicker? There a "restocking" fee if you cancel your order. But can they really charge me to restock what they can't find? We may just find out.
Don't call me around 10...I suspect my line will be VERY BUSY.
And yes, this cyber-hissy fit is making me feel better already, so that's probably to the benefit of the poor person at Sears who answers the phone.
On a thankful note, Scott was playing his sister's Strawberry Shortcake DDR, so his neck must be feeling better.
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Lady G~ said...

We don't purchase from Sears anymore. They have great warranties, but the service is, well... you know. We've been very pleased with Appliance Direct. Great prices and service.

Praying for you...

oneblessedmamma said...

Appliance Direct was closed on Sunday (Good for them! Bad for us!). Did I mention I don't do waiting well? So it was Sears by default because they were $500 cheaper than Lowes for the same fridge. Guess you get what you pay for...

Anonymous said...

We don't do Sears anymore either. The last three things (appliances and electronics we have purchased have all broken numerous times and sometimes are worse when returned to us supposedly repaired.

We also had a similar cancelation notice like yours except ours did not come for two weeks!

I hope you get this figured out.

Clunn Family said...

Hello Appliance Direct!!
Remember I tried to send you there first! (Big help I am now right?)Lol
Jeff is leaving soon along with his truck...better let us know if you need us!

I KNOW you can be patient woman, you KNOW how. Is this delivery guy the one you're supposed to WITNESS to????? Hang in there! Ice will be SHOOTING out da' maker soon!