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Friday, January 25, 2008

One big "Boogie"

Sari has always been an easy child. Really. God knew I couldn't handle much more, so I think He gave me the easiest child on the planet. She is a blessing to our whole family. And she is generally obedient, easy going, and just fun to be around. Like last night as she was singing, "Wanna buy dees shoes, for my mamma peas..." Yep, Christmas Shoes is apparently her new favorite. Sari is the type you can take to the park and not wonder where she is because she stays either where I can see her, or with her friends or siblings. She's the type you can take to a house that is not baby friendly because she doesn't mess with stuff. She's just easy...

But, she is a little grumpy lately. She's giving up her nap, but around 7 PM that can make for one very grumpy Sari. And tonight, she was fit to be tied. TJ messed with her about something, and that got her started. Then she stepped on a toy and OUCH! she was crying again. Then, I get on the phone for the first time all day (for a legitimate reason too) and she literally is almost screaming, "I want you...I want you rock me". So I get off the phone and pick her up to go rock her. She had her finger inserted firmly up her nose (which she does frequently when fishing for "boogies") and so I asked if she had something in her nose. "Yes". Is it a boogie? "NO!" Wait, what do you mean NO. Sari what do you have in your nose?

Thus begins my odyssey. I try to get her to explain what is going it that she scratched in her nose and it hurts (no), did she stick something up there, but it's out now (no), is there something in there now? YES! SO I find a flashlight, and sure enough, there is something in there, although I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is. It LOOKS like the same color and same texture as the inside of her nose, but clearly there is something there that does not belong. BUT, I did think I could get it out without a trip to the ER. Oh, and did I mention she and I are home alone at this point? My husband and TJ are at the store, and the other kids are at R's house.

So I get my pointy tweezers,

and the flashlight,

and get her in a headlock with my legs,

and quickly realize the only way to do this myself was to grow 5 more arms...

or wait for reinforcements.

SO we waited until daddy got home.

I explained the situation to him, and he did his best not to freak out. He also found some tweezers (the ones off a swiss army knife that are very thin, but not as sharp and pointy as mine). He wanted to see her nose, and we woke her up (she had fallen asleep in my arms) showing him, so there was no time like the present. Working together, we got her in a place that I could slip the tweezers up into her nose and grab the object. Thankfully, since it was the same color as the inside of her nose, GOD guided my hand to only get it, and not her flesh too. I had actually prayed with her before I tried to remove it, and afterward, when I was holding it in my hand, I could talk to her about answered prayer in a very real way.

SO what was it? Well, TJ has taken an interest in magic tricks, especially the ones they have at AWANA in the reward basket. They tend to be mini-sized, and last time he got a kit that has 3 small cups and a small red foam ball and you try to figure out what cup the ball is under...well in this case, the ball made an unnatural detour to a different hiding place! Sari apparently found the ball and, for the first time ever, decided to see what happens when you stick something where it doesn't belong. Here's hoping she never tries that again! Otherwise, she may need Mr. Scott to show her some of the reality behind the magic, although she now knows that a nose is not a good hiding place!

One big Boogie...or one small's all a matter of perspective. It may be tiny, but then so is a 2 year old's nasal passage!
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Leisa said...

Good thing Sari is little. I remember having to hold maddy down as a 3 yo and it took 2 of us and ALL of our strength, and sitting on her to do the job..

Melissa said...

Oh, poor Sari! She is such a sweetheart!! At about age 3 Madison and a friend put playdough up their noses. It's really very hard to get a good grip on playdough!!!!!! Thankfully, the playdough hadn't gone very far up.

Melissa said...

You blog has been so quiet. Glad you're back!!

Randi said...

I'm glad you didn't have to go to the E. R.

5Gustos said...

What a dramatic story! Glad she's okay and that you got it out without ER bills!

crispy said...

The adventures of a Mom. We really are superheros.