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Monday, January 7, 2008

Dental nightmares :-)

So we went to the dentist today to get our teeth cleaned. The kids LOVE to go to the dentist. It's downright weird, but it probably stems from the fact that they've not had a cavity so far, so they haven't had a negative experience.
I, on the other hand...
I got my first gray hair at 22 and my first crown at 23. Genetics do not seem to work in my favor.
I have enough fillings to set off a metal detector, if they were still metal that is. And 3 more crowns have joined the first one. I just have BAD teeth. And I still have 3 amalgam fillings, which I am seriously wanting out, but that's another blog.
Today, I get my teeth cleaned, and as always I lie there totally compliant, but clinching my hands that are folded on my stomach. I just anticipate those sensitive spots that send me through the roof. Finally, most of my trouble spots from the fillings of the past 2 years are calm, but then T goes to do the fluoride (this sand blasting sort of process that removes any plaque that's left and coats your teeth at the same time) and BAM! Pain! She does the suction, and when she pulls it out, she says, "do you know what that is?" I look carefully and see a long whitish thing stuck to the suction wand.
"It's your filling."
great, swell!
And because it's my life, that filling is just over a year old, and the dentist replaces them within a year for free, but more than a're on your own. Fortunately, my hygienist and I have a long relationship, and she goes and pleads my case. My new filling will be done as a "professional courtesy" , meaning FREE.
BUT, they couldn't get me until a week from this Thursday. Yeah. And did I mention the GAPING HOLE in my tooth? And it gets better because this filling was actually at the base of a tooth with a crown on it too. Can you imagine? Who else has a crown and a filling in the same tooth? It seems to me that last time he filled it, he actually had to laser away part of my gum to make get the filling in place. Happy happy, joy joy.
But, I will rejoice in the Lord. If Paul can rejoice in prison, I can rejoice in my circumstances too. And God has already blessed me. Not only will the filling be free, but the dentist's office called right before they closed and told me they had a cancellation for TOMORROW morning at 9:30. God is good!
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aftgog said...

Poor girl,
But do you realize you're gonna now get 23 comments on other people's horrible experiences at the dentist? Mine started at aged 12. Are your kids 12 yet? :-0Hardy, har, har! I'll save you the details until AFTER...

Clunn Family said...

I am thinking of you this morning! No horrible experiences here, I haven't been for over 8 years and ALL my teeth are happily hurting I am IMPRESSED by your willingness to go! yay! (Yes I take the kids regularly) :)

Lisa said...

I think that I'm going to dream about all my teeth falling out tonight. Oh my. I hope your appt. went well!

Lady G~ said...

Sorry you visit didn't go as planned, but more than often, things don't always go as planned. But PTL \o/ that, God is good... ALL the time.

Still Waters (my OCD child) is 19 and has no cavities. Probably because she's OCD! :o)

Randi said...

That's neat that you got it done for free and didn't have to wait so long.