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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The continuing fridge saga

Okay, so I was nice to the guy on the phone at Sears. He said he's look into it and call me back in 5 minutes...50 minutes later we finally touched bases. Seems the first story was just that...a story. Turns out there just aren't any of that particular fridge to be found anywhere they bothered to look close by to our area. For my frustration, they have refunded me 10% plus the tax on that 10% and I should know tomorrow what the status is. I went to appliance direct today with 5 kids (MISTAKE!!!!) and have another fridge in mind if this one does not pan out. For now, it's cold enough just to keep food outside, LOL, but then there's the whole wild animal thing, so instead it's a few painfully cold treks across the street. But I'm making my "feel better"-some chocolate chip cookies (and I promised the kids cocoa to go with them). Nothing like a little sugar to make it all better :-).
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Leisa said...

Hold on Amy, I am making you all a collard green black eyed pee casserole. If you had ate your good luck food at your MIL you wouldn't have all these issues, right?

No, seriously let me know if you want some good pseudo home cooking. I think I could whip up some vegetable free dish, or I could just make a couple desserts and call that din-din... I am home all week trying to get my home back in order. I bet if you saw it right now it would make you feel better. I have had 5 bratty whiny, good for nothing kids all week that have TORN up my house. I just shipped 1/2 of them back to Atlanta ~~~Hallelujah~~~ (hear angels singing in the background) I won't be able to post about these horrible bratty children because their mom reads my blog..and some of the childrens are mine, but you can guarantee they got it!!

Leisa said...

That was a typo on 'Pee" it should read "pea"

oneblessedmamma said...

You are making me LAUGH! I'm all for a couple of desserts and calling it a meal, LOL. Too funny about your house guests. You can guest blog here if you need to vent :-).