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Monday, January 7, 2008

Fridge/floor update

So the floor is finished in the utility room (except for the quarter round molding, and mark my words that a year from now that still won't be done). It looked soooo much better...until we brought in all the "stuff" that resides in the utility room. Now? Well now it just looks like a much prettier floor with stuff all over it. See the problem is I LOVE open space with nothing in it...but that's not the reality of my life. The reality of my life is constant laundry, and OCD about how to wash it, so I need bins for lights, coloreds, and darks, as well as cleaning cloths (dust rags, etc.), kitchen towels (which get bleached), and bath towels. Plus, our old-house-lack-of-closet-space problem means we have bins to keep shoes, etc. accessible. All that means most of my nice pretty new floor is covered up.
Here's the floor without stuff on it.

Here's the new fridge, which suffers from the same problem as the floor. It's so pretty blank, but in reality, we have chore charts, important phone numbers, magnets, etc. on it, so it's not pretty looking anymore either. And the one feature I LOVED so much, crushed ice, is the one I'm regretting most now since it makes a mess of small ice pieces on the floor every time we use it. ARGH! On the flip side, that patch of floor in front of the fridge gets mopped A LOT!

On a side note, why is it FRIDGE with a "D" when you abbreviate it that way, but REFRIGERATOR without a "D" when you spell it out? I've always wondered that!
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Melissa said...

Your laundry room looks GREAT - nice floor and everything in it's place.