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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One more quirk

I don't like coffee. Well, really, coffee doesn't like me, if you know what I mean (and if you don't...don't ask, LOL). Honestly though, I really don't care for coffee. I might have an occasional iced coffee. VERY weak, and with lots of sugar and creamer. Oh, and those Starbucks Caramel Machiato things-GROSS! I think they taste like you are drinking a cigar- just NASTY! And yes, I know I'm weird :-).
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Kirsten said...

I can relate to the laundry quirk. That is my issue also. But the coffee, that is one of my favorite things!!

Steph said...

I DISCIPLINE my children when they criticize or say something is nasty about something that someone else likes! Lol

aftgog said...

You forgot the hersey's syrup in that iced coffee! Anyway, coffee is for OLD people.:>)