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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

It seems wrong not to blog on the first day of the new year, but I must admit I'm not much in the mood, and the FLYLady just e-mailed me to say it's time to go to bed, so I will take her up on that soon I think.
I spent the day scraping the old floor tiles off the floor and my husband spent the day leveling out the floor, waiting on the leveler to dry, sanding the leveler, applying more get the idea. I have blisters beginning on my thumb and my palm from the sheer force needed to break the bonds of the adhesive. Sometimes, the pushing action caused me to move across the floor instead of the tiles to become unstuck. I love the new flooring, but it is a lot of work, and since the leveling stuff takes forever to dry, the tiles that go where the new fridge will go can't even get stuck down until the morning. The fridge arrives between 11-1. Nothing like cutting it a bit close! Here are some pictures:

This is the old fridge. I'd be mad that it died, but it is almost 15 years old and never gave us a day of problems, so who can complain? Oh, and it was a wedding gift from my husband's parents, so we didn't even buy it (we DID pick it out though).

This is my kitchen floor-minus the old tiles. You can see the back door to the right, and normally the fridge sits smack dab in front of that door on the wall to your left. I turned it to remove the tiles underneath, and I'm SERIOUSLY considering leaving it there (well, the NEW one...not this one.) We could "build it in" by making a partial wall, and have the area to the right of the fridge be open as a doorway to the laundry area. The draw back? Getting in to the laundry area with a basket full of clothes will be REALLY HARD. But to not have the fridge greet us every time we walk in the door....well, it might be worth it.

The old floor. We've lived here almost 7 years. What took us so long to replace it? My thriftiness for one. Why spend money you don't have to spend, BUT since the leaking water from the thawing freezer ruined the flooring in that area, why not replace it all with something else?
Okay, I didn't get on my hands and knees to clean it before this picture, and it has some random leaf type stuff because the back door was open, but all those black spots are places where the top was gouged out of the tile. The lines you see? Most of them are cracks. And that dirt is not the surface kind...nope, it's the scrub on hands and knees to make it even remotely look better kind. AND, you probably can't tell, but the tile in the upper left corner is not darker due to the flash...nope...they used TWO DIFFERENT colors of tiles. They are close in color, but one is blue and one is gray, and you can tell in person. Hey, what did you expect out of people who bought 3 for a dollar tiles?

Leveling...leveling...and more leveling. Did I mention there are TWO types of subfloors? That tan-ish brown at the bottom is where the concrete meets the wood.

12 feet down...100 more to go, LOL. Here's a small sample of what the floor will look like when it's done.

The rest of my house? WOW. What a MESS. It does not help that we are one week post Christmas and we still have some new items that need permanent homes within our home (like Scott's keyboard). Add to that the mess of an entire fridge gone bad, the day to go find a new one, ripping up floor, laying down floor, makeshift meals with a trip across the street every time you need something cold, and EVERYTHING in the laundry area needing a temporary home NOT in the laundry area, and you get one colossal mess. I am SO ready to resume some form of normalcy, and have the time to take down the tree, etc. instead of peel up tiles. But, "Do ALL things without complaining or grumbling"...although I guess technically it's too late 'cause I just did both of them, but I'm a work in progress, LOL. Even the kids are craving a return to normal. Mimi begged me to give her some math work today :-).
To finish out my day, I realized we never gave Mimi and TJ their "big" presents (big as far as I was concerned). I must have been soooo tired Christmas eve as I was wrapping that I TOTALLY did not remember the gifts I had in my office for them. What are they? Bibles of their very own, complete with Bible covers. Oh well, maybe they will be New Year's gifts.

Oh, and we went to my husband's parents for dinner to celebrate the New Year. We had ham (REALLY salty ham-which is the reason I don't care for ham in the first place, and this came from the honeybaked store, but the one in Stuart, not here, so that may explain why it is so salty when the ones here don't seem to be. Even my husband thought it was salty, and he salts everything). We also had hoppin' jack (black eyed peas) and collard greens (can you guess what I avoided like the plague?). And cornbread. I came home hungry, but I've made up for that with copious amounts of peppermint bark (chocolate doesn't require refrigeration, LOL). My kids each tried the black eyed peas and collard greens. Mimi ate 3 bites of the greens, then made the mistake of saying she didn't care for them. My F-i-l guilted her into eating the rest by saying, "But they will bring you luck in the New Year. You want good luck don't you?" To her credit, she ate them all down, but I was biting my tongue to not say, "We're CHRISTIANS...we don't believe in LUCK, especially not the kind you get by eating stuff that looks and smells like seaweed". black eyed peas to bring you coins and collard greens to bring you dollars. Forget it, I'd rather be poor and faithful than deceived and gagging on seaweed. If I seem a bit bitter, I am still trying to get over the fact that my B-I-L for some reason decided that it would be okay to lift my son off the his HEAD. The 10 year old son...the one with 80 lbs of counter weight that gravity was actively pulling back to earth as his uncle put one hand on each side of his head and lifted him off the floor. Poor Scott burst into tears. He does not like unexpected motion at all (it's a sensory thing) AND something in his neck actually POPPED and he was in pain the rest of the evening, so by the time we got to the collard green episode, I was a pretty surly mamma bear anyway. I was really afraid we'd be taking him to the E.R. and having to explain how the whole thing happened (I walked into the room as it took place and couldn't stop it but did see it). I'm still not sure what the morning will bring. If you are up and reading this tonight, say a prayer for his neck.
Anywho, I'm off to bed. I'll update you tomorrow on the neck, floor, and fridge situations :-).
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Michelle said...

We had hoppin' john and mustard greens today...but then we actually like them, well all except R who ate oranges and other stuff. I bet you would never come to dinner here! Lol
Floor is looking good!
Hope the neck turns out to be no big deal. I hurt mine when I was about his age and it still bothers me sometimes...

Lisa said...

Collard that's good eatin!
The new floors are looking great!