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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lock Down!

So today we went strawberry picking...but the berries weren't good. Two weeks ago they were AMAZING. This week? Mediocre. So we didn't pick much. And we had to leave early to get R from school. On our way to get R, we passed a local church across the street from us and there were police EVERYWHERE. Several of the streets were barricaded. Oh, and the SWAT team was there. But on the opposite side of the street? Life as normal. No lock down at the school at all. My 10 year old still picked up our 9 year old neighbor (very high security at this school ;-).
But when we got home, the helicopters started. There were enough of them that I knew whatever was going on was "big doings", so we all went inside, I locked the doors and forbade the kids to go outside for any reason. For the next 4 HOURS we listened to helicopters flying overhead. NEVER did we get a phone call telling us what was going on. None of the local news channels had it on their websites at first, so we were totally clueless. Turns out, a wanted criminal was holed up in his house, and a standoff ensued. They finally ended it close to 6 PM with tear gas. Just in time too, since we needed to leave for AWANA at 6. I am glad it's now a quiet night. The constant droneof helicopters makes you feel like you live in an occupied territory. Oh, and we kind-of were since our street was LINED with strange cars as people drove as close as they could then got out and walked down to the action. Weird , huh? The whole "main drag" was full of people watching the stand-off. Sad, but true. And apparently, they felt totally at home parking in front of our house and walking off...Some things defy logical explanation.
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Elizabeth said...

I was wondering what was going on but didn't stick around to find out... Isabella and I ran into the garage as fast as we could-locked all doors and kept the phones close and the TV on.

Randi said...

I heard about it and then read it in the paper today. We have friends that work at Family Bible.

5Gustos said...

That sounds really scary. It amazes me how so many people would be just standing out there watching the whole thing like a parade or something.