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Monday, March 3, 2008


No really. That's what I spent my night doing. Not the dancing kind, but the making jam kind. I spent a good hour making our reservations for our plane tickets to NY this summer, and then I went to the fridge and saw the strawberries I bought yesterday beckoning to me. I SOOOO did not want to deal with them, but they don't keep forever. I love to pick the berries for the jam, but the last time I went out to pick the berries just weren't good. So Publix had a sale, and that makes it easy, so I just bought them. Big mistake. I threw away a good 1/3 of most of the berries because they weren't ripe. Oh well, live and learn.
I now have 3 full jars and a fridge container full of Strawberry-Pineapple jam and 4 jars of plain Strawberry. I'd love to have more put up, but we'll see if I get that far. Right now I am stiff, and hot, and DONE, so I'm not really enthusiastic about more jam, but if we go pick more maybe I'll make some more.
I'm off to bed.
Or really, to finish my Maeve Binchey book, which I am thoroughly enjoying.
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SJS said...

Strawberry-pineapple jam? Never had it, but it sounds great!

chewhi said...

that sounds delicious!

Tiffany said...

Good for you, making jam is so intimidating to me.