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Friday, March 14, 2008

Learning new skills

Mimi has been learning several new skills lately, particularly in the realm of hand made stuff. After a few of her friends learned to finger knit from watching a you tube video, we watched and learned how to also. Then, she was even able to teach a few other friends, so that now most of us have thin little scarves all over our houses. The girls have them, their Webkinz have them, the live animals in the house have them. You get the idea.

She also has been working on her sewing skills. She went to a friend's house last week on Sari's birthday, and she came home with a quilt that she made as a present for Sari that Presley promises Mimi did most of the work on. And as a bonus, Sari LOVES her quilt!

Today, Mimi completely her first tiered skirt. She really did all the major work herself. And, she learned how to make a small hand bag and a beaded barrette. I'm really proud of all the skills she is developing as they are far more advanced than mine were at her age, and I really believe that it glorifies God when we as women can be good keepers of our homes, and that includes being skilled in handiwork.

The skirt, just in time for St. Patty's Day :-)

Her barrette and bag

Finally, she has begun in recent weeks to do painting in art class. That is the next level after pastels. Her first work is shapes, and I think it's very good. She's working on her next picture, some strawberries, and hopefully will finish this week.

The picture is actually straight, it's my photography that's off kilter :-).

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Steph said...


Melissa said...

I LOVE Mimi's handiwork - and I LOVE here hair pulled back like that.

5Gustos said...

Okay, now I know I have to learn to quilt. If Mimi can do it, so can I! Thanks for the inspiration; what perfect timing (see my most recent post that I just entered.)

Tiffany said...

I love the quilt, and you can tell from the picture that Sari loves it too.

Randi said...

I love all her handiwork. You must be proud!