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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Meet the new family members

So a month or so ago our hamster Jack died, and well, we had an empty cage, so why not fill it? I let TJ pick out the new hamster since he was the one who took care of Jack the most. Of course, TJ picked the smallest one there.
Once we got it home, it took about 10 minutes for it to have bitten TJ not once but TWICE. It's sooo small, it's really mouse size, and it has SPRINGS instead of legs. This thing can JUMP, so the only way to hold it is to cup your hands around it, and then, you guessed it, you get bitten.
The pet place has a 7 day replacement policy if your hamster croaks, but no contingency plan for biting, so I got the bright idea that maybe getting a second one would help. Or not. Well, besides the fact that they fought the first 12 hours (even though they shared the same small "cage"at the pet store) they have mostly settled in now. Yes, eventually we may need a second cage, but for now they mostly get along-kind of like siblings, LOL.
TJ has given over the original hamster to Mimi, and if she doesn't kill it (she's accidently dropped it twice-see the above referrence to the thin line between containing the hamster and getting bitten) it may just mellow out, and no one has been biten for at least a day.
The new one is named OREO- I'm sure looking at the pictures you can see why. The first one? It's name is Teenie, I mean Little, I mean Small, I mean Blossom, I mean Peaches, I mean Sunflower, I mean Flower, I mean Sunny, I mean Peachy (although Sunny lasted for a good day as her name). Yes, all of those were seriously names TJ considered. Once Mimi took over, she promptly settled on Peachy, so Peachy it is. Here are the photos:
There are no great pics of Peachy as, did I mention, she is quite jittery?
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Tiffany said...

Oreo is really cute. You are making me THINK about getting hamsters. Grace would love them. Are they very stinky?

Elizabeth said...

I agree Oreo is really cute.

oneblessedmamma said...

In a word, yes. They stink. Well, THEY don't stink, but their cage does. You could probably get around that if you were VERY diligent in changing it at least once a week. With two, I think we'll be changing every 4-5 days.

Melissa said...

I have such a soft spot for rodents. :) They look like lots of fun.

Leisa said...

We love our hamster who's name is popcorn. She is super sweet and lets Liv and Maddy tote her everywhere. We have a plastic cage so low on odor. We change once every 2 weeks with no major stinkiness. I have always loved hamsters myself..

Steph said...

Too cute! I So laughed and could TOTALLY relate to the name change saga...