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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Look what my man dun did!

It only took 2 months and more than a few trips to Lowes, but he designed and built this by himself. Of course, he made asked me to help stain it, so we did that together. It's TJ's new loft bed, and TJ loves it. He picked out the red color :-). All we have left is to poly it, and it will be "one down, 2 to go".

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smith schoolhouse said...

that is really cool! go Eric!!!

Tiffany said...

Is he taking orders? I need two eventually. He did a great job!

Leisa said...

Is he giving our husband lessons?? Great job, hubby!!

amy w. said...

looks just like ours! don't you love a handy hubby!

Lady G~ said...

Awesome job! I'm sure your children will love it. Hope they don't try any of the stunts our Fair Maidens tried when the were younger. Soaring Amongst The Clouds ended up being hospitalized for 4 days due to a concussion.

Now that they are older they've shared some of the horrific stunts they use to do without my knowledge. Ignorance is sometimes bliss.