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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Funny, I was just on my friend Cris's blog, and she had a bunch of observations from her day. I had already planned to write some about ours. The kids and I blew off "school" and went for the real world experience of going to Sea World. We have not been yet this year, and we were WAY overdue. Remind me never to go again during the 2 months that constitute "spring break" all around the country. We parked on outer Mongolia. really. Seriously, we were in the employee lot across the street. And of course we were in the end of the row furthest from the "tram". What was most frustrating to me was that 3 cars after me they switched the line and the rest of the folks pulling in parked in the regular lot. If there is one thing Sea World consistently does poorly it's parking.
But it also allows me to see how very far I still have to go in some areas, because I just CANNOT hide my frustration at situations like that. I had the 4 kids by myself, with a stroller that is 11 years old and is really starting to break down-both release latches and one brake tab have broken off, and so it is a MAJOR hassle to lug our stuff (lunches, bathing suits, towels, etc.) and the stroller (since with the release latches broken I can't fold it quickly) even with the kids helping out. I was convicted more times than I care to share today that I need to hold my tongue when I am frustrated, since what I say prejudices my kids to the situation too. If I took it all in stride they wouldn't learn to get upset at those things either. It was very humbling-although I am still thinking of writing a letter to complain about the whole experience. (The tram to the employee lot drops off where the taxis park- quite far from the entrance, although there is a second entrance gate there, but going in we needed to go to the main entrance to deal with our passes and by the time we left at 4:30, they had closed that gate, so we had to go out the regular entrance and then's not that I don't need the exercise, but it took us 33 minutes to actually get from the front of the park to our car-a bit excessive I think.)
Anyway, had I NOT had my kids with me, today's blog would have been filled with pictures of all the underwear I saw today at Sea World. It was CRAZY. I read in the paper that somewhere they passed a law that undergarments meant to cover your sex organs could not be visible, and the NAACP was all up in arms saying it would discriminate against baggy pant wearers and result in more blacks in jail, etc. Here's an idea-don't wear pants that are so baggy that others can see your tidy whities. It's not discrimination-it's called modesty. At one point today I had 2 people from different enthnicities and different parties both walking in front of me with there undies in full view. One was a white guy in baggy pants (and comic strip undies) and the other was a black lady in low rise jeans but granny panties. They were light purple stripe with a yellow waist band. These are things I should NOT be able to describe about others. Only you, your spouse, and emergency personnel (should you ever be in a wreck) should ever know what your panties look like. A total stranger at Sea World should not. Worse was the young girl (14 ish) in daisy-duke shorts. Very sad. So then I checked out the rest of her family (again, they were walking in front of us) to see if the trend continued, but mom was wearing white walking shorts...then I noticed WHITE walking shorts...with very visible flesh colored cheeks showing...and a tiny PURPLE triangle visible just above, well, the place where the good Lord split ya, if you know what I mean. Are you kidding me? Does she own a mirror? A purple thong under thin white shorts? that's just NASTY.
Luckily, my kids are totally oblivious to those sorts of things. But we are definitely moving modesty to the top of the discussion list before we visit SW again. People always run around there in bathing suits in the summer. Very strange. It's not like they are swimming with Shamu or something. There is water for the kids to play in, but seriously, if you are an adult and want to wear your bikini to a theme park, visit Aquatica or Wet and Wild for that.
Sorry for the tangent. This blog really would have been funnier with the pictures, but I had the kids with me, and it just seemed wrong to take pictures with the kids in tow.
Beyond the crowds, we had a good day today. Scott held his own despite all the stimulation, and that made the trip enjoyable. We watched Clyde and Seymore-not my favorite at all, but the kids like it. We also did Wild Arctic, which Mimi did for the first time. Sari and I put them on board, then walk around and wait for them immediately as they get off. We have it down to a system now, and the kids get to do the simulator ride while I sit and enjoy a few minutes of (relative) quiet. We got home just in time for AWANA, and then Mimi and I started on her quilt. I also finished a skirt for Sari. Walmart had them on sale for $1, but they were a little short for my comfort, so I added a tier out of fabric I already had. It's cute, and more appropriate now :-).
Well, it's late and I'm off to bed.
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crispy said...

It must be the time of year that brings out the people watching. It is one of my favorite things.

About the underwear...when did it become a fashion NO NO to wear regular undies and have a small "pantie line"? Is that really the end of the world? Instead it turns into everyone wearing thongs (remember when that meant flip flop shoes???).

DebiH. said...

You are SO right! Unlike your children, my girls are not always oblivious. Especially the younger one, she is a natural people watcher and notices EVERYTHING ;) It does give us good moments to teach but sometimes I wish she were a little less interested in the world around her. As for the thongs, my girls have noticed them on racks in the stores and always respond with, "why would someone wear those", and lots of "yucks". I really don't care what is being worn, as long as I can't see it :)

Tiffany said...

That was probably me in front of you. I just love the low ride jeans with my thong showing. Sorry.

Lady G~ said...

We avoid park themes during "tourist" season. I'm not into people invading my bubble.

As for the underwear, my nephews knew not to come around me when they wore those loose jeans. I was known to pull them down to their ankles. I'd say their knees, but I'm really short and they are really tall. LOL!

sheila jo said...

Happy Birthday! I hope it was great!