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Sunday, March 2, 2008

One Crazy Day

So yesterday was a day that you just couldn't even make up if you wanted to. We started with TJ and Mimi having Basketball and Cheerleading in the morning. TJ actually voluntarily touched the ball during the game, and almost made a basket (he is great in practice, but not aggressive in the games, so he never usually touches the ball, but he has a blast anyway). He's gotten quite good at guarding his man too. Mimi cheered after his game, and TJ got to watch some friends play their game, so they were both occupied and I KNITTED! Yep, K from church taught us how to knit Friday night, and I decided the only way to actually get good at it was to practice, so I brought mine along. It's not perfect, but it's not bad, and I really like having busy hands even if my body is idle.
Then after that, we came home to find a list of things I needed to go to Lowes to get so my husband could work more on the loft bed. His sanding belt for the belt sander broke, and we needed stain too, so after Aunt L brought Bam-Bam, and after Mimi left with R for the night (in TAMPA) I went to Lowes. Of course, I saw EVERYONE I know there, and it took FOREVER. But I got red stain for TJ's loft, just like he wanted, I bought some plants for the front bed, and I found (with help) the belt for the belt sander, and got a new mailbox, since ours was HIT a week after we got it, and the broken door that resulted has finally given up and won't stay on.
When I got home, Bam-Bam, Sari, and TJ all helped me plant the new plants (and got FILTHY dirty, and TOTALLY stressed me out since there are stairs 2 feet from that planter, and it is a very narrow work space for so many little people.) My husband went to set-up for church. After we got the plants in the ground, I brought the kids inside and ran bath water for the little ones. Laur had asked me to cut Bam-Bam's hair, so I stripped his shirt off and started cutting while Sari was in the tub, then he joined her (looking a bit like a small Yeti with all the hair that was covering him from the hair cut). I got Sari washed up, and had just gotten Bam-Bam's hair lathered with our Shampoo Soap (which is not no-more-tears, but rather "bring-a-grown-man-to-tears" if it gets in your eyes) when TJ comes running from across the house.


And dripping copious amounts of blood on the CARPET outside the bathroom door.

So I scream at him to come in the bathroom, and he comes and drips copious amounts of blood into Bam-Bam's bath water.

Yeah. It was gross.

Nothing like hairy, bloody water. YUCK!

So now Bam-Bam, who hates baths anyway, is freaked out by his screaming, bleeding cousin, and his pink-ish bath water. And I'm right there with him on that one, but we have to wash the soap out of his hair.
He's having none of this "lean you head back" stuff. So out of desperation, I grab a handful of hair, pull his head back, turn on the water, rinse his hair with COLD (but fresh) water coming out of the tub, and,with the painful-soap-in-the-eye-crisis now averted, I turn my attention to...

MY bloody CARPET.

I quickly run for the Resolve, spray the spots with the blood, scream for Scott above the din of Bam-Bam and TJ also screaming, and then scream AT Scott for the details while he protests adamantly that it was an accident. (And I mean the "can't talk in a normal voice later because you screamed so loud" type screaming. It was not pretty)
At this point, "accident" or "on purpose" is irrelevant. What I need to know is a) is there blood on the rest of the carpet? and b) what happened?
I get from Scott that it involves Scott's sword from the Renaissance fair, and TJ's mouth being int he wrong place at the wrong time. Oh, and yes, there is more blood. So I give him the Resolve, the paper towels, and the fear of GOD, and he goes off to clean the mess.
Then I finally turn my attentions to TJ. All of the above has taken maybe 3 minutes so far, so he's still dripping blood over the tub. It turns out, he has a gash on the outside of his lip, a small section on top of his lip that's intact, and then a matching gash in the inside of his lip. Oh, and the tooth he broke horribly as a baby? There's a gash in the gum above it and at the gum line. He's bleeding everywhere, did I mention that yet?

And, then, there's a knock at the door. It's Laur, Bam-Bam's mom. I give her the cliff notes version, and lead her to the bathroom where poor Bam-Bam is still sitting in the nasty tub. Yep, some Aunt I am. We get him hosed off and out of there. Laur takes over comforting him, and I turn back to TJ. I get him some ice in some paper towels, and we get the flow of blood staunched. It looks yucky, but not really deep enough for a trip to the ER. (I'm not really reactionary...for my kids to get a trip to the ER, their lip would have to be dangling off.) That's all good because, did I mention, my husband and I were trading babysitting services with Laur so we could go out to dinner? Yep, all this chaos was HERS to deal with. And then she wants to know what I have planned for supper...
It is God's providence that we always have boxes of Mac and Cheese in our house :-).

So we did go out. It was about 30 minutes later, the mac and cheese was made, the bleeding was mostly stopped, and my husband, who had missed all this, was home again. He and I went to Red Lobster, and as a bonus, the meal was free since I had some gift cards for donating blood. Better still, we had more than enough to cover the meal, but not enough to come back again, so we left our waitress a $9 tip on a $30 meal. It feels good to pay it forward :-).
I had the BEST fish I have ever had. Really. YUM YUM. Almost better than chocolate. Equal with the best steak I've ever eaten. It was that good.
While we were gone, Laur had my mom and step dad (she's and RN, he's a PA) come look at TJ's lip, but it really was fine, and didn't need stitches. It just took it a while to finally stop bleeding. Today, TJ looks a little like the walking wounded, but he'll make it. He says his tooth is loose, but they told us 5 years ago when he broke it at church on Easter morning that with the crown they were putting on, we might get 3 months or we might get 3 years with the tooth, so really, we are in bonus territory, and at 6 1/2 he can lose that tooth with no problems, so we'll see what happens.
And that is just a day in the life of our family :-). The loft still isn't finished, my computer has no more memory, but my kids are alive, and they are all healthy, so life is good. All my kids are back under my roof (Mimi had a blast in Tampa, and she was totally missing R, so it was good that they got to visit). The mouth injury really was just a horrible accident. Scott was hitting a box with his sword (which is wooden, and not really that sharp, but he was not supposed to have it anyway), and TJ bent down to pick up his apple off the floor just at Scott swung the sword back to attack the box again. Sword tip met with apple filled mouth, and the rest is history. They've reconciled, and the sword has a new, safe, hidden location for a while.
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crispy said...

Sorry it was so chaotic. In the blink of an eye it can turn into a crisis. Hope all turns out well.

Tiffany said...

I'm glad you got to go out to dinner! I tell you--you have some crazy stories! You need to write a book someday.

5Gustos said...

What's up with my catchy little comments being eaten (deleted!) in cyberspace every time I try to post them? I'm too tired to replicate it now. Glad TJ's okay, though sore.

Steph said...

I like how when after getting the baby's hair rinsed you turn your attention to....the carpet.
Too funny!