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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shuttle Launch

Up at 2 AM? CHECK

Camera Loaded and ready to go? CHECK

Great Weather for a launch? CHECK

Clouds in the sky that totally obscured the view? DOUBLE CHECK

ARGHHHH. 30 minutes of REM sleep gone for nothing :-). Even at the Cape they could only see the launch for 10-15 seconds before the clouds obscured the view. Us? We couldn't see anything :-(.
But it's up in the sky without a mishap thus far and these onboard cameras are AMAZING-so we can still see, we just can't see.

If I'm a little tired in the morning...well, you know why!
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Tiffany said...

Now I feel better about forgetting to set my alarm to get up.

Leisa said...

I was so bummed! I freaked Liv out for nothing.. When I woke her up she got wide eyed and said, "I'm scared there is a spaceship outside?" ...

5Gustos said...

I was up too! I'm just too embarassed to admit it on my blog. My grandma would think I'm nuts. I was trying to be SO quiet about it, and woke the hubby on accident (I don't think he could sleep anyway!!). He was out there with me, and we didn't even see a trace!!! My camera didn't get to try the night scenes with flash "forced off". I was majorly bummed. So, you guys weren't alone.