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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Just for you Aunt Fanny

Aunt Fanny made me promise at church today that I would blog so here it is. I haven't blogged much lately for a few reasons. First, I've been really tired in the evenings, so I read everyone else's and then head to bed without typing on mine. Second, I still have no memory on my computer, and now I have a full memory card in the camera, so I can't take any more pictures, and I can't do anything with the pictures I've taken. Usually, the photos inspire me to blog...or at least remind me of things to blog about. Finally, I've just had a bunch of medical appts. and it seems so elderly and "golden girls-ish" to speak of all the ways your body is failing you, so I just have avoided it. I'm far from geriatric, but there are days when I don't feel like it. (If you are a praying person, pray that they find SOMETHING on my MRI. It was crazy expensive, and I'd like to feel like it was not in vain.) You could also pray that these Doctors have God given wisdom about what is going on and how to treat it, since thus far no one person has really been able to tell me anything concrete. I have 2 more appts. this week. Oh, and the tail bone pillows? Not nearly as helpful as I had hoped, but I will continue on...
Still, I look around me and see all the things people are suffering from, and I know I am blessed. Even if, worst case scenario, I were to have something terrible and life threatening, I have eternal life, and that is a source of great comfort. I don't know how people have hope if they don't have a relationship with Jesus. I KNOW I will be healed...some day, in God's perfect timing, maybe in the next life, but I WILL be healed. I can hold out because I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.
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Tiffany said...

I am praying for you and your health issues, thankfully none of them are life threatening. I definitely know how it feels to feel so old in a relatively young body.

5Gustos said...

Would it help if I say I am sorry you're suffering right now? I understand, too. Really. I'll pray for you now, before bed.